Artifact Spotlight: The Royal Game of Bezique

The Bezique card game set up in the Point Ellice House drawing room.

Christeah Dupont, Point Ellice House Museum & Gardens

The Royal Game of Bezique (PEH 975.1.2580) is a 19th century “trick-taking” card game derived from a 16th century game called Piquet. This set was manufactured by Charles Goodall & Sons, a playing card and message card printer in 1820. By 1862, Goodall & Sons was producing high quality stationary, games, toys, fountain pens, and even toilet paper. Goodall’s distinctive courts cards (King, Queen, Jack) have been adapted or copied around the world and their designs are still used on playing cards printed today.

The Bezique set at Point Ellice House can be dated by the design of the Ace of Spades card, it entered the house sometime between 1867 and 1897.

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