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The Animals of Point Ellice House

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Fallingwater Property Services / Vic West Pet Hospital

Mr. Pets / Redfeather Horticulture / Victoria Animal Control Services

Imagine living in Victoria with your family and pets more than one hundred years ago. What kind of animals do you have? What are their names? How are your attitudes and feelings towards animals different from the people of Victoria today?

Point Ellice House Museum and Gardens explores these questions in our newest feature exhibit, The Animals of Point Ellice House. At this historic home, located along the water in Victoria’s Rock Bay neighbourhood, the O’Reilly family had relationships with animals that were directly tied to their social status, religion, and lifestyle. Join us as we meet the dogs, horses, chickens, and other animals who also made this place their home.

Rich with illustrations, objects, and photographs, the exhibit has something for the whole family. Learn about horse whispering, “cats with two hats,” and the O’Reilly family’s multi-generational love of dogs; you might be surprised at how little things have changed in all these years.

The Animals of Point Ellice House opened to the public Saturday July 2nd, 2022. Point Ellice House Museum and Gardens is open Saturdays and Sundays from 12 pm to 4 pm.

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