Appendix – List of Names – 1867

Family and Friends

Name Last Name Also Known As Notes
Carry O’Reilly Caroline Née Trutch
Frank O’Reilly “Ala”
Son of Peter and Caroline
Peter O’Reilly Husband
Joe Trutch Joseph Fairfield
John Trutch John Brother of Joe and Caroline
Julia Trutch Née Hyde Wife of Joe
Mama Trutch, Mrs. Charlotte Mother of Caroline, Joe, and John
Tommy ? 2-11
Arthur ?
Emily ? John meets
Nelly ? Friend – Victoria
Fairfield Trutch Home Victoria

Servants and Animals

Name Association Notes
Charlotte ? House Maid Seymour
James ? Julia
Lester ? Groom
Smithy ?
Mary Maid O’Reilly
Hector Dog Yale

People Mentioned

Name Title Association
A.W.B. Honorable Halifax
Alston Mr., Mrs. Victoria
Ball Mr. Gold Commissioner
Barnard Mr.
Beadon Mr., Mrs. San Juan
Begbie Mr. Judge
Birch Mr. Government
Bishop Victoria
Black Mr.
Burnaby Mr. Victoria
Bushby Mr.
Cave Mr.
Cecil, Francis Lord
Charles Mrs. Victoria
Clare Mrs.
Clayton Mr., Mrs.
Coffee Mr., Mrs.
Coston Mr. ? Gov staff
Crease Mr., Mrs.
Cunningham Bros Hardware store
Currie Mr.
Delacombis Mr., Mrs. San Juan
Dewdney Mr., Mrs.
Diety and Nelson
Douglas Sir, Mrs. HBC Governor
Dustin family Cariboo
Edmonds Mr.
Elliot Mr.
Ellis Mr.
Farland Mr.
Foster Mr., Mrs. Victoria
Glennie Mrs.
Good Mr.
Gureschi Mrs.
H.E. His Excellency ? Governor
Hastings Mr., Mrs. Victoria
Hayman Mr.
Haynes Mr. J.C. Government
Hill Mrs. Victoria
Holbrook Mr.
Holmes Mrs.
Irving Capt.
Ivys Mrs. Victoria
Jackson Mr.
Ker Mr.
Layton Capt. Victoria
Leggatt Mr. Victoria
Liddell Capt. Navy
Mannsell Mr.
McKay Mr., Mrs.
Needham Miss Victoria
Nelson and Murray Victoria
O’Hara Mr.
Oldfield Capt.
Pearse Mr., Mrs.
Pemberton Mr., Mrs. Joseph
Porter Capt.
Pritchard Mrs.
Rhodes Mrs.
Sanders Mrs.
Seymour Mr., Mrs. Governor
Stahlschmidt Mrs.
Stapleton Mr. Victoria
Sthridges Mrs. Victoria
Stocton Mr. Gov.
Trevor Mr.
White Mr.
Williams Mr.
Wright Mr., Mrs. G.B.
Young Mr. Col Sec


Vessel Route or Type
Active Ocean Liner
Alexandra Fraser River – Victoria
Enterprise Fraser River – Victoria
HMS Forward Fraser River
HMS Malacca Victoria
HMS Zealous Victoria
Leviathan Fraser River – Victoria
Lillooet Fraser River


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This collection of letters has been digitized from an earlier transcription project and is for informational purposes only. This transcription has not been verified against the originals. Researchers interested in these letters should consult the original documents housed at the BC Archives.



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