August 19-20, 1886

August Thursday 19 1886

Pony Carriage & Transfer
In Office – prepared instructions
for Tuck. – Drove home in
Transfer Carriage, in which Frank &
Puss went to Govt. House. Carry & I afterwards went in pony carriage to
see the Tennis & dine – the party were
The Admiral & Garforth, Sir M Begbie [Vernon]
& ourselves.

Friday 20

Pony Carriage
Dull day – Fog horn sounded
In Office, Green assisting
to get all necessary information
for Tuck who starts tonight
per Boscowitz.
The Admiral, Garforth, & the
Handcocks played tennis & dined
with us also Col OBrien & Mr. Lang

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Peter O’Reilly’s 1886 diary has been transcribed by volunteers and staff at Point Ellice House Museum & Gardens and is for informational purposes only. Researchers interested in this diary are advised to consult the original document housed at the Royal British Columbia Museum & Archives, found in MS-2894, the O’Reilly family fonds.

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