Charles Stanhope to Kathleen, London, August 16

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Aug 16.

Dear Miss O’Reilly

I am afraid I have not been able to do much for you as on enquiry at the Cunard offices to-day. I found that the Campania is about packed up for Sept 4th & other names are down in case of any berths being given up. I found Mr . Hicklings cabin was right amid-ships but it is an inside cabin There is only one cabin going Number 97 on the Saloon deck an outside one but right forward & the berths are £5 more each than in the cabin Mrs.Hickling at present has i.e. £30 as against £25. When I say No. 97 is going it has already been taken provisionally by a lady. but it would be given right away if anyone came & took it definitely Of course if Mr . Hickling is prepared to move from amidship to this cabin, you can arrange to travel together provided it is not taken meanwhile. Apart from this, they told me that of course if you took a berth definitely they would do their best to ensure your travelling with Mr . Hickling but as they are so crowded up it does not seem good enough to “bank” on this scheme being pulled through. There is another passenger down of course for the other berth in Mr . H.’s cabin but Iforget her name.

You need not carry about your luggage. Passengers can get it bonded right through one speaks to the Purser on board whatever boat you travel by. I am sorry I have not been able to arrange anything for you but I did not know there was such a rush for berths.

yr sincerely

Charles H.S. Stanhope

Ernest Cunard is away with – & Mr . Cunard is away too to-day. so I only saw the manager but I know he would do what he could.


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