H. Stanhope to Caroline, Esquimalt BC, November 3, 1891

A1E Or3 C421

Mrs. O’Reilly
Point Ellice
Victoria, B.C.


Dear Mrs. O’Reilly

When you kindly asked me last night to dine with you on Saturday, I could not give a decided answer till I had seen Commander Jones. I find I am free for Saturday evening, so have much pleasure in accepting your kind invitation. I hope you have not caught cold from being afloat at so late an hour.

Believe me

Sincerely yours

Harry Stanhope


At what time do you dine?


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This collection of letters has been digitized from an earlier transcription project and is for informational purposes only. This transcription has not been verified against the originals. Researchers interested in these letters should consult the original documents housed at the BC Archives.

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