H. Stanhope to Caroline, London, September 25, [1892]

Add MSS 412 Box 1 File 18

Telegraphic Address
Naval & Military Club
c/o “Rag”
Piccadilly London
Army & Navy Club
Pall Mall. S.W.
Sept. 25th [1892]

My dear Mrs. O’Reilly

Thank you so much for your letter which I received a few days ago down in Hampshire where I went for 4 days partridge shooting & stayed 10 but they are such old friends of mine. Purefoy Fitzgerald by name – he has a family of 5 daughters, the youngest of whom sees that I am provided with buttonholes, & that I look all right generally, before I go out shooting. I hope your bazaar was a success & did’nt tire your out – no-one has favoured me with a letter yet from the ship but I dont growl, as I am one of the worst correspondents myself – if at any time you might be expecting to hear from me, please dont expect, as it takes me days sometimes before I can write a letter. When a few have accumulated, I dash at them in a kind of despair – but I think they might have written to me about Mr. Graham. I’m afraid his wife will have to support him, as I dont think he has anything beyond his pay – ar’nt naval officers an impecunious tribe?

About leaving the Navy, there seems to be a dearth of officers. so much so that they wont let one retire. it would be possible, of course, to resign, but that means giving up retired pay which I regret to say I cannot afford – so at present I can safely say I shall have to stick to the Navy. I hope I shall hear from Mr. O’Reilly soon. in the letter I wrote him from Banff I told him I was quite satisfied about his daughter’s affection for me. I’m afraid I was rather counting my chickens before hatched. You told me in your letter that Kitty “feels frightened at being bound to me as she knows so little of me” – I want her to clearly understand that I do not ask her to consider herself bound to me in any way. I have no right to ask it from her (much as I regret wish it were possible for me to make it so) – I was offered by Lord Houghton, the new Lord Lieutenant to go as his Naval ADC in Ireland, my brother was very anxious I should take it as Houghton is a great friend of his – but after consideration I refused – there is no naval work of any kind attached to it & I should only bore myself horridly at a job not at all in my line, & I found the life of amusement & finding something to do was too expensive to be worth it. Please do not mention this to anyone, Naval or otherwise – I hope you will get your parcel all right from Mr. Williamson. I told him to give it to Jack. I hope you are all well, & I wish the train would take me to Point Ellice tomorrow instead of Scotland

Yours very sincerely

Harry Stanhope


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