H. Stanhope to Caroline, October 30, [1892]

Add MSS 412 Box 6 File 2

Mrs. O’Reilly
Point Ellice
British Columbia

Oct. 30th [1892?]

My dear Mrs. O’Reilly

I’m afraid I have been rather long in answering your last letter – the fact is I have been living a life daily & all day long of shooting, fishing, golfing &c, so that settling down to a letter was beyond me – it has got me in to hot water with one or two relatives, but I can find time to soothe them with an occasional telegram. I came down to Scotland yesterday & am staying with a parson uncle or rather archdeacon to give him his full title. Life is quieter especially as they have all gone to afternoon church – but Herefordshire was always a dull old country & such a lot of houses where I used to know people are now let to nouveaux riches and others – I am forgetting our own place. I’m going next week to stay about four miles from there, & am thinking of driving over & asking to be allowed to look at it. but I must not abuse the people there as they are very kind I always hear. I have met them myself.

I calculate it is 2 months & 10 days now since I wrote to Mr. O’Reilly. I had no idea he had to go to such inaccessible places. However patience is the only thing. I am anxious to hear if you have got the box I sent out via Mr. Williamson, & that the ring has reached you safely. I congratulate you on the success of your bazaar – though it must have been hard work. I was at one last week in Glasgow where a zany lady made $1000 at her own stall alone. She told me not to take more than half a crown with me, so I did’nt, I hope all are well & that your winter will not be a rainy one. Ever yours sincerely

Harry Stanhope


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This collection of letters has been digitized from an earlier transcription project and is for informational purposes only. This transcription has not been verified against the originals. Researchers interested in these letters should consult the original documents housed at the BC Archives.

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