H. Stanhope to Kathleen, Followed March 7, [1900]

Add MSS 412
Box 6 Files 4-10


Dear Miss O’Reilly

It was very nice to see you again. I’m so sorry about all the trouble you have had, and I hope you will soon find your father pull round. I always take the most gloomy and despondent view if things. I cant help it – its my nature to. So it sounds to me rather odd suggesting to you that you should not do the same as me, which I thought yesterday you were rather inclined to do. If you are writing to my mother please avoid the word influenza with regard to the “Beagle” & delay in paying off. she has such a horror of it. I have had to travel with her, & the compartment reeking of peppermint, eucalyptus & every kind of horror. What good news on the anniversary of Maj[?] Hill. Hoping to see when next in town.

Ever yours sincerely

Harry Stanhope



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This collection of letters has been digitized from an earlier transcription project and is for informational purposes only. This transcription has not been verified against the originals. Researchers interested in these letters should consult the original documents housed at the BC Archives.

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