H. Stanhope to Kathleen, Hereford, December 27

AE Or3 C421

27th December

Dear Miss O’Reilly –

I received your letter from Queenstown, and as I thought on reading it that you would prefer that I should refrain from saying anything to my mother, I have not done so. I remembered your saying to me that after you had had a talk with your mother, you felt relief & consolation, and now that you are without one, I thought you might like to have someone else to turn to of your own sex, though of course it could’nt be anywhere near the same thing to you. When I returned to England from Victoria I got your letter saying you would sooner not go on with any engagement, and so I said to myself that I must make myself forget all about it, and it never entered my head to come back again, I should have felt as if I was parking myself where I was’nt wanted and so I proceeded to make myself forget. It was at that time that I sent you the little hairpin, and it struck me the other day that as you had never worn it, that you looked on it as having been given when a possible engagement was pending, and I remember that you offered to send it back to me. that was what I meant by saying it had no meaning but 4:-£ as you say so, do please by all means keep it, and wear it too if you feel inclined as a Xmas present from a friend, as you are kind enough to call me . We have all ben giving each other Xmas presents, the last few days. I dont mind how often I meet & see you, if you dont mind meeting me . I dont know anyone I like better than you, allowing for my mother and brothers, and I think it is very good and kind of you to allow me such a name as friend, when I have done nothing but cause you pain & sorrow. I think you might keep my letters I have written you if you feel inclined yourself to do so, until you no longer have any right to do so. You know what I mean

(section missing)

she came about being a guest in the house & no longer mistress of it. She did’nt say so to me, but I can tell. Sad feelings come


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