H. Stanhope to Kathleen, London, May 31, [1893]

Add MSS 412 Box 6 File 3

94. Picadilly.W.
May 31st

Dear Miss O’Reilly

It was so kind of you to write & wish me many happy returns of my birthday. Your letter arrived the day after, so you had timed it very well. Thank you for all the news from Victoria. I was so glad to hear about all the people I knew there & who used to be so kind to me, & I often wish myself back on a visit to see them all again. I told Sir Richard Musgrave that I envied him very much going out & getting the trout fishing. I have seen Lady M. and Miss Effie several times — they came & dined with me at the Bachelors club twice I think & we went to a play on each occasion. I daresay if you were to ask one of them about any politics, opinions on Home Rule &c they will be able to tell you, in fact I ‘m sure of it. The letter which Jack told you he had written me a few days before yours, has never arrived . Will you tell him I am sending out -the pin to him which I wrote about, by Lady Musgrave, to see if he likes it better than the other. I’m glad to hear he has about passed his exam please congratulate him from me, & tell him to dig out, which I ‘m afraid is rather slang. I heard from Mr. Evan Thomas the other day. they were in Wales, & were coming up to town in 3 weeks, but I have not heard of their arrival. By his letter he seems to want to give up Vancouver & settle in England, I remember Colonel Baker, but did’nt see him at the Imperial Institute function . It was a full dress business. You seem to have had very bad weather in the winter & spring. Here the draught has been extraordinary & also the heat for the time of year. Flowers come out & wither at once, there has been no hay & I don’t know what will become of the crops if it goes on much longer. I gathered from your letter that you going to send me some wild flower bulbs. Many thanks I should like some very much & would give them 15 people who would look after them & tell me how they do. I have been down to see the Derby run today. Mr. Harry McCalmont is a lucky man possessing now about 5 million of money — his horse won easily. I ‘m afraid I shall have to come up to town for Ascot on the 12th, I get down to the country all I can. London air is horrid, & you know I dont care for functions. I get invitations from people I dont know, & amuse my people by calling them “insults”. I hope you are all right again, & that your people are all well. Please remember me most kindly to them & with best wishes to yourself.

Believe me. very sincerely yours

Harry Stanhope


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