Joseph Trutch to Peter, Victoria, June 23, 1888

Victoria BC
23rd June 1888

Dear O’Reilly,

Here we are once more safe and well – thank God – at Fairfield after a most successful journey to the old world and back. We have thoroughly enjoyed our trip and are both I think all the better for the trip –

We reached Victoria, the evening before last and found John at the Wharf to meet us looking I thought very well – on our way to Fairfield stopped at his house and saw Joe and Charles who are both also quite well. All the Pinder party are to Comox where they are to remain for two months yet. All of our friends whom I have seen so far are well – Ward – Jackson Dunsmuir Pooley &c and all inquired for you very kindly – and of course I could only tell them that I had not seen you and that I was glad to say you reported yourself much improved and that I hoped to see you here soon quite a new man –
I have heard no particular news. All going on here much as usual. and all to say it is very quiet in [?] – Albion Iron Wks going on well with every prospect of a good years work. C.P.N. Co. not doing very much they say.

I go back to Vancouver on Monday night and the Arbitration which is to convene on Monday will get to work on Tuesday.

The Gov’t Lawyers who came out [?] San Francisco will be here by Monday’s boat and go up with me Monday night. Shreiler is to reach Vancouver on Monday in person – There will be a great concurrence of lawyers witnesses &c. The case seems likely to last two months at Vancouver and there will probably be a further session of the Gt at Ottawa before a decision is arrived at.

I have not had time to get to Pt. Ellice yet but John tells me everything is in order there. I will try to go over there today before I close this letter.

I hope you will have received my telegram & letter from Ottawa before leaving England. They give you all the information you require as to extension of your leave and I expect you will get a letter from Vankoughnet on your arrival at New York. From all I gather there seems no doubt of Dewdneys being about to be appointed M[iniste]r of the Interior. The only question being about his getting a Seat in the House of Commons – which they say will be arranged for him in one of the NWest constituencies. Be sure you wire me here and at Vancouver when you are to reach Vancouver so I may meet you on arrival of the train there.

Julia joins me in affectionate regards to you and hoping to see you here soon safe and sound.

I remain
Yr Affect. brotherinlaw
Joseph Trutch

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This collection of letters has been digitized from an earlier transcription project and is for informational purposes only. This transcription has not been verified against the originals. Researchers interested in these letters should consult the original documents housed at the BC Archives.

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