July 6-7, 1886

July Tuesday 6 1886

Pony Carriage
Very stormy night & fore-
noon. In Office till 5. P.M.
Left Carriage to have spring
repaired. – J.W.T. paid me
a ceremonious visit –
Green brought the carriage fr. the
shop & lost the strap & yoke.
Carry Puss & Frank drove Mr. & Mrs. Handcock
to dine with the Admiral. Remained at home, bad head ache, Winters Carriage
to Esquimalt.

Wednesday 7

Pony Carriage
G G Magon note due $117.75
In Office. Drove in with Puss
& Grace – went with Powell to see
his Jersey Cow – Julia & Mrs.
Preston [Sen & Jean] lunched with us
Carry Puss & Grace went to
Tennis at Mrs. Wards.
Provl. Elections – Beaven
Prior, Turner, & T. Davie [*1] – Members for Victoria


[*1] Theodore Davie, brother to
Dr. John Chapman Davie Jr.

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