Kathleen to Peter, Henley-on-Thames, August 25, 1897


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via New York
Honble P. O’Reilly
Point Ellice
British Columbia

St. Andrews Road
25th Aug. 1897

My dear Father,

I am writing this to tell you that I have taken my ticket for Montreal by the Allan Steamer “Lauranian” leaving Liverpool on Thursday 2nd Sept she used to be called the “Polynesian” & I crossed in her in Sept. 95 – since then she has been remodelled & renamed but I am afraid we shall be ten days at least in crossing & then I shall hope to telegraph to you from Montreal and I hope dear Mother wont worry and be unnecessarily anxious about me. I am sharing a cabin with Enis Hickling & I am glad to going with her she is so bright and pleasant. We are both disappointed not to go to New York by “Campagnia” but were afraid to risk the new Customs Law. I went to town on Monday afternoon on purpose to see Uncle Joe who was at Baileys Hotel & I wanted him to take my ticket by C.P.R. but he said I could get it as well in Montreal & it would only save a few dollars getting it here & then I asked how I was to manage getting the money to pay for it in Montreal so he suggested my asking Mr. Ward to get it for me! I think he is strange! dont you? I slept at Baileys and spent all yesterday in trying to arrange things & pay bills etc. & I have engaged a room at Mrs. Greenslades for packing up on Tuesday & Wednesday. Uncle Joe & Josephine we[?] busy starting for Somerset and didn’t want me so I went off after breakfast & had a long day getting my things together & all that sort of thing. Uncle Joe insists on my going to see his new place near Taunton & tho’ I do’nt want to I am going down there on Friday & hope to return here on Monday it is a bore as it makes such a rush for me. He wants me to stay till Tuesday & says one day is enough for me in town but I tell him I must return Monday as perhaps Mrs. Hickling will go to Liverpool on Wednesday afternoon. It is lovely here at Henley and you would be surprised to see me sculling! I have been miles today. Mrs. Seymour has just been to tea with us she is staying here in her old home with her brother Sir Francis Stapleton. She is writing to Pt Ellice to tell you that her niece never enjoyed anything in her life more than her visit to you & Mother was so sweet to her I am very fond of Mrs. Seymour she is so nice & really loves you & Mother.

After I had finished my business yesterday in town I went to tea with Lady Chesterfield, she is always quite delightful & I like her very much. Mr. Chas. Stanhope came to tea & he brought me the cheque from the Cunard Co. my returned passage money. I have today sent it to the Bank B.C. £30 and hope it will be all right. I am sorry it was ever paid to Mr. Stanhope because Mr. Ward might see it & mention to Uncle Joe & I can’t bear the name mentioned to him in connection with me. please never allude to it & if he asks do’nt reply because he is always asking Carry & imagining things about me. I never tell him when I go to see Lady C. We had a very pleasant tea in fact quite merry. She wants to know when I am coming back. it is rather soon to think of that, isn’t it? She was to go off to Scotland this morning – “her boy Charlie” follows as soon as he can arrange some business in the city. They all seem to be so fond of one another and I am delighted to have such a charming friend as she is & wish she was not on the other side of the world from Pt Ellice. I am afraid to get excited about being at home again, as it seems so far off but it will be lovely to be with you all again. I may not write again as you can judge it will be rather a rush for me. only a week from tomorrow & four days taken up with this trip to Somerset. Much dear love to you dear Father & Mother and dear old Jack. Mrs. Hickling wants me to stay a night or two at the ranch at Calgary but I think better to go on direct.

Your loving child

Kathleen O’Reilly


(*1) — 2020 – This letter is also part of the O'Reilly Letters 1896-97 Collection.


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