Kathleen to Peter, Victoria, January 24, 1877


P. O’Reilly Esqre
Vancouvers Island

Thursday. Jan(ury) 24th

My Dear Papa

We have been to town today & Mama has been paying the bills & we met Uncle John in town & he said that he would come home with us, so Mama has Winters carrage to come home & at the further end of the bridge we saw a large waggon with four horses and a big iron safe & going all across the bridge Mama was afraid of the horses shying & just as we were passing off horse shyed & backed the carra[ge] & broke the railing of the bridge & Mama says the carriage was nearly over. Mama is going to Fairfield tomorrow if it is a fine day.

with love I remain

Your affectionate daughter

C. K. O’Reilly

*1 2020 – This letter was likely written in 1877. It makes no mention of Mary Augusta, and January 24 was a Thursday in 1877.

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This collection of letters has been digitized from an earlier transcription project and is for informational purposes only. This transcription has not been verified against the originals. Researchers interested in these letters should consult the original documents housed at the BC Archives.

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