Letter No. 3, Yale, September 27, 1869

My own beloved

I hope and believe that you have had fine weather we have had no heavy rain since you left & the last few days have been very fine. & tho the sky now again is becoming overcast and the glass falling. We are all very well. I felt very unwell, yet I am better this morning, & find that having both the little ones at night disturbs me very much. & I do miss you I assure you more than I can tell not only at night, but every hour of the day. Whenever I look at the office, I feel so lonely. I hope you will be able to get back home

Sunday. If you do not I shall be in a state of mind for you will see from Joe’s letter that he says that will be back next week on the 9th they go to Kamloops & before I suppose if they do not & I know how it will trouble you if you are not here when they come back. I heard from Coffee that always had come & had met you more than 20 miles from Hope in company with Landought & Alison. I hope you are having a little amusement in the way of shootings & that the dog has behaved well. Hector is all right he has behaved very well & made no attempt to run away I like to have him about

he is lying quite near me now. Both the children were very unwell after you left & I had to dose them but “Ala”(*4)  is quite himself again tho Pussie (*5) is still pale. She is always asking for you & when you are coming back to take her a ride on piggy back. “Ala” has been a good boy generally & particularly at night. He is longing for you to come back. Mr. & Mrs. McKay & Agnes go down to morrow. Mrs. Porter & Miss Noyle walked with us & came back to tea. I called on Mrs. Barlow on Friday & stayed some time. I have to tell you that two of the young chicks disappeared two evenings after you left, because

I did not see them put in us myself since that I have done it myself. Clark has done the field. I gave the boy Charles $1/2 which was all he asked for. The steamer arrives yesterday at 10, no letters from you. I believe Mama had one from young Mrs. Trutch, she has been in bed with a cold No news of John. No letter from Mrs. Alston. Give Mama’s & my love to Tommy. I hope you found him better & that you will be successful in your business. I have tried to attend to all your instructions & made the boy clear out the fowl house. We have had but 2 eggs since you left. I don’t understand

it & I am afraid he takes them. And as to the apples on the tree where you showed me so many we could only see three yesterday & one pear. I am uncertain as to sending you Joe’s letter fearing it may be back on the road and miss you but perhaps I better. It appear that H.E. does no intend to stay for the races at Ashcroft. I was thinking of writing to Mrs. McCrea to send for a small ham by next boat in case we have to entertain H.E. (*6) again in fact, I have determined to do so I have suffered much since you left with sickness & in fact now I can hardly write. I did not go to Church yesterday. I do long to see you again dear love. I am always thinking. Thinking of what is to come

With much dear love

Believe me as ever devoted loving wife Carry.

*4 A pet name for Frank.
*5 Pet name for daughter Charlotte Kathleen, also called Puss-pie.
*6 H. E. referred to His Excellency, the Governor, at this date, it would be Musgrave.

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This collection of letters has been digitized from an earlier transcription project and is for informational purposes only. This transcription has not been verified against the originals. Researchers interested in these letters should consult the original documents housed at the BC Archives.

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