Peter to Caroline, December 18, 1888

Tuesday 18th Decr.

Lord Listowel & Capt. Wyndham came here yesterday & slept last night. There was a consultation yesterday of the Drs Helmcken, Davie & Hannington they are agreed that it would not be wise to move Lord Ennismore from the Hospital, as he is much better, is doing well, & they dread a relapse. Between ourselves I am very glad of. I dont suppose he will come at all as they are most anxious to make a start for home whenever the Drs think he is fit to move.

Last night His Lordship & I dined alone. We had Hare soup, fish & a very small leg of mutton, the best dinner, he said, he had since he left home. He is a very nice unasuming gentleman, & very easily entertained, he is a better preserved man than Capt. Hare, & I would like to think better preserved. You will like to hear all this & I like to tell you everything but the greater part is only for yourself.

You will be amused to hear that John arrived again last night half an hour before dinner & as usual, remained to the last moment the Lord has accepted his invitation to dinner for tomorrow evening, Wednesday. Capt Wyndham is doubtful as he has promised to go shooting with C. Vernon. Today John is all excitement preparing for the feast.

The weather is the finest I ever remember at this season, bright balmy & warm. I hope you are having it equally good & that Kit has been able to take some rides, why does she not go out with Carry, & Capt Hare, he would, I feel sure, be very nice to her. I constantly find myself wondering what you are doing from day to day, Jack will soon be with you, tomorrow or next day, I fancy, with him and Kit you will I hope be very happy.

You should get a good supply of your mothers pills at Reeces, have them put up in bottles – they will keep good a long while. My love to Joe & Julia if they are nice to you & Kit. May god bless you my dearest wife and our dear children. I must write to Kit today or tomorrow & to the wee man also.

Always your loving husband

P. O’Reilly

I hope Sir Michael will go to see you, he always cheers you up, he has always been the same to us.
No time to read this over.


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