Peter to Caroline, Fairfield, Victoria, July 17–18, 1888 No. 7.

Tuesday, 17th July 1888

My dearest Wife,

I arrived at Victoria on Sunday night: the train from Regina to Vancouver was crammed six squaling children among the number. I cannot say the journey down was a pleasant one.

Mr. Green & Hick were on the Wharf to meet me & I drove at once to Point Ellice. It was a dreary & sad sight to me to know that there was not dear face there to greet me as of old. Everything appears to have been carefully put away & the house was very clean, I had a peep at the lawn & garden – the former looks better than I have ever seen it, & there was a good show of flowers, but I had not been out five minutes when Joe & John arrived, the former insisted on my going with him to Fairfield. & telephoned from Mr. Turners for Winter, so I was carried away reluctantly, but had I not gone, it would have caused a disagreeable. Hick was greatly disappointed, as he evidently was proud of the place, & wanted to show it to me. At Fairfield Julia was very kind & Old Chin, who is back again, was delighted to see me. He inquired after you all, particulary for Frank & Jack.

Yesterday I had a long talk with Joe, about himself, & did not get to town till after 12.O.C. I had then to see Alexd Davie poor fellow is not long for this world, & what with one thing & another I had a busy day. I had a chat with Mr. Ward who was very kind in many ways, the family are all at Cowichan. I drove to Pt. Ellice where I saw Mrs. Chas Ward – she goes there once a week to air, & look after the house; you would think be pleased to see how clean & carefully every thing has been put away: There was a tennis party at Fairfield, all the world there, & as it was 5-15 I could only remain a few minutes, arrived at F.field at 15.6 just in time to see the finish. The Creases, Jenns, Drake, Charles, Perses, Richards, Mrs. Miles, Mrs Worthing, Sir Matthew, A Jones, Byrnes, Handcocks, Barnards, Mara & Wife &c &c &c &c. I was beset, & many were the inquiries that were made for you Puss & Frank.

Today I have to meet the Executive Council at Govt Buildings, I have been notified by Capt Lewis that the Douglas is waiting orders[?] to be placed at my disposal from 25th Inst. so you see I shall be very busy. I must leave this otherwise I shall not be able to accomplish anything.

You will be shocked & grieved as I was, to hear of poor Mr. Haynes death, he was on his way home with his boys for the Vacation he reached Allisons home took ill, (inflamation of the stomach) & was dead in 24 hours, sad is it not?

Tommy Ellis met me at the N. Westminster juncture where I had a few minutes conversation with him. Georgie and her flock were well but the mosquitoes were very troublesome at Supperton, he was trying to get a house for them at Burrard Inlet.

I know you will laugh for you always predicted that Green would marry Miss Dumbleton – they are engaged, the wedding to come off sometime this fall – Fancy Miss Chipp who went out to Georgie is engaged to be married to Walter Dewdney – & Gerty Powell to Larry R.E. this latter news I got from Mr Powell so dont write about it. Drummond has actually left for England, he sailed, I think, on the 12th inst. I am writing this in my bedroom under difficulties. Joe is going down to prayer. I must conclude.

I will close this unsatisfactory letter lest I should miss the mail and though I have not said a word about you Frank Puss, or Jack mind is constantly with you all I hope, dear one, that you are keeping well, & dont always try to hunt out difficulties – I hope our dear Puss and Frank are also quite well & that you are all enjoying yourselves. If Puss is not better, dont hesitate to take the best advice, regardless of expense I wrote full about Frank from Regina that is a fully as I could under the circumstances – I am of course very anxious about him, & hopeful that all may go well with him. I cannot hear the idea of his not coming back her, we shall know but little about him, he never will write or tell us about himself. We must trust & pray that all will go well with the dear lad. Joe is slightly under the weather, [?] , he does not go to Vancouver this week. Julia is blooming, John Zoe & Charlotte quite well the latter has grown a good deal & is I think improved – the Pinders are all away at Comox & will not return for about 2 months, so Joe says. Kind regards & thanks for to Sir Michael. Love to the Wind, Carry Hare, & the Ashleys

[written vertically over the above]

I have written a very unsatisfactory letter if I have time would write it again

I am well thank God.

God bless you all my love to each Always your devoted loving husband


18th July

Your letter to Ottawa just recd thanks dear one for it. Recd also today memorium card John Wilfred Webber died 1st June aged 35 – very sorry I did not call on him poor fellow – would you not see Mrs. Moss I have not a moment Joe is waiting & you know What that means I am most impatient to hear full particulars about Frank. God bless you all By the time this will reach England you will be preparing to receive Jack I envy you – be happy & make him so.


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This collection of letters has been digitized from an earlier transcription project and is for informational purposes only. This transcription has not been verified against the originals. Researchers interested in these letters should consult the original documents housed at the BC Archives.

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