Peter to Caroline, Penticton, November 1, 1888 No 22

Nov. 1st/88

My dearest Wife

I have just recd your very welcomed letter from Ilfracombe dated 1st Oct. No. 14 with one from the dear Monkey enclosed. I am so thankful to hear that you are all so well, but disappointed at not getting later news from our dear boy so far away. I do hope & pray that your next may contain an assurance that Kit’s trouble has not returned & that she is in other respects well.

I only returned from Similkameen half an hour since & Green is like a lunatic to be off to Victoria, he is to be married on his arrival. I send this by him to be posted at first P.O. office on reaching the line. I will remain here for about a week, I intend to spend a day or two at Ashcroft, & will probably reach Victoria about the 10th or 13th inst.

All here are well, they are very kind and pressing that I should remain longer, but I have a great deal to do on my return, so far it has been how to get anything done by Green in the Office. I am well, thank God.

You will have seen the news & perhaps J.W.T. & Julia before this can reach you. do try to be cheerful, & enjoy yourself I will write to Frank & Kit in a day or two. the lazy Kit, why does she not write oftener to me? Give my love to E.W. & Cary & to all

May God guard & comfort you my dearest Carry, and our dear ones

Always your devoted husband

P. O’Reilly

I have not had time to read your letter through, have only glanced it over.

Tell the wee man that I will write to him by next chance. Why do you allow him to be so cheeky to you? it is not kindness to him. I wish Kit would write oftener she gets the benefit of all I write to you, but I will write to herself.

Will not the 15th Decr be our wedding day? You are sure to forget it. I cannot, & am always thankful to God for having me so good a wife.

[written vertically on first page]

Why dont you write to some of your old friends out here?


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This collection of letters has been digitized from an earlier transcription project and is for informational purposes only. This transcription has not been verified against the originals. Researchers interested in these letters should consult the original documents housed at the BC Archives.

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