Peter to Caroline, Victoria, January 22, 1889 No 6.

22nd Janry 1889

My dearest Wife.

Today I recd your letter, No 30 of the 29th Decr, containing the good news that you were all Joe Julia EW &c well, for which I am most thankful. I am however disappointed that you dont say a word about coming home, three weeks ago, you said you were writing to the Cunard Co. for a list of sailing of their ships, since then you have not referred to your leaving London, even remotely. I am constantly asked when you will return, & I feel the awkwardness of always being obliged to say “I dont know”. My fear is that you will not decide until the last moment, & all will then be unsatisfactory & disappointing. I hope you have decided to come with Mr. Drummond, he would assist you, until I could meet you, but if you delay your departure, I shall not be able to meet you at all neither shall I see anything of you, for I shall have to go out early this year. —- As you said long ago, “When Jack returns to school, the object for which you remained in England will have been accomplished, and I am longing to welcome you. I could not be induced, to again, to consent to your staying away.

I am very glad to hear that you have doctored Jacks feet so successfully. I hope the warts have disappeared for ever. You have not told me if he has been studying during the holidays?

What you tell me about your Seal skin jacket is very annoying, but there is no use in worrying about it. If it is spoiled you had better get a another, or something in its place. Some one told me that Seal skins are going out of fashion but I always thought they became you. — I must remind you of the things I require, a list of which was sent some time since. A winter suit, I find is indispensable. I thought I was better off but I have only got the brown Buckmaster suit in which I travelled to England, & wore so much in London, it is going to pieces, I wear it every day, it is no longer very presentable. How about Bulbs, garden seeds &c. Our Gladioli are extinct. There will be a great deal for you to do in the gardening line when you return.

The weather has changed at last, we have had rain for the past two days but it is mild more like spring than Janry.

The Snow drops have been out for a week, & some of the crocuses are ready to bloom, they promise to be very good. I am sorry to tell you that Hick has been unwell for several days, last night I had to telephone from the Drakes for his brother, today he is better, but still very seedy. I dont know what I should do without him, he cooks, & is my factotum, & I have such perfect confidence when he is about the place that all will be right.

I dined at the Grays a few evenings ago a birthday commemoration. Is he hot not a hail, well preserved man for 75? — I dine at the Jacksons tonight, they are very kind in asking me, but I have not been there much lately. —- The members, all I believe, leave for Ottawa tomorrow. Both Dom. and Local houses meet on the 31st inst. Alick Davis, poor fellow, looks wretchedly ill, he cant last much longer, & then, I suppose, Robson will be Premier!!!

I am very glad Lady S. is so friendly, it would I think distress him if there was any coolness between you, besides she must mean to be kind to you. —- Why did you not send me, as you promised, Franks letter to Kit, & Jack. I like to hear everything about him, I wrote to him yesterday. It is very annoying about the parcel, the loss of the things may be serious to him, besides we shant have confidence in sending things that way in the future. —-

I have said so much, at different times, about what you should do on the journey, that there would be no use in repeating it. perhaps you will take no notice of what I say. Be that as it may, I would advise you to wear, if only once, any new dresses &c you may have. Keep as few things as possible in your cabin.

I have said nothing about Kit or Jack. I have been expecting letters from both. When I abuse her to you for not writing the next mail generally brings a letter from her. So I will say “the naughty Kit”. As for Jack, since the 1st Nov. I have had but half a letter from him, without a beginning, or an ending, I think, sent off the day after his arrival in London. Neither has his school report reached me, which is extraordinary. In your letter of the 29th Decr you dont refer to Sir Joseph or Lady Trutch. I hope they are well & that you get on well with her Ladyship. – My love to both, I am afraid the Wind will oppress you, bear up, it cant be for long. I am writing this as if you will be in London when it reaches there, but I most earnestly hope that before then you will be half way across the Atlantic and that you are having a smooth, & pleasant voyage.

I saw Alice a few days since she appears to think that all is right. I hope so for her sake. My love to all friends the Wards, Hughes, Sir M. &c and with a great deal for yourself our dear Kit & Jack. I am always

Your devoted loving husband.

P. O’Reilly


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This collection of letters has been digitized from an earlier transcription project and is for informational purposes only. This transcription has not been verified against the originals. Researchers interested in these letters should consult the original documents housed at the BC Archives.

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