Peter to Caroline, Victoria, January 8, 1889 No 3.

8th Janry 1889.

My dearest Wife.

I am at a loss to understand how three weeks can have passed without you receiving a letter from me for I have never allowed a week to pass without writing & when possible I have sent off two a week.
Yesterday I was rejoiced to receive No 28 – of the 22nd Decr. with an enclosure from Kit also a most wonderful production from the Monkey well written, & expressed but without a date – neither had it a beginning or an ending: he told me of his arrival at Clarges Str. and of your worry because you had not heard from me. Now I hope he will make amends for his long silence he has been very naughty in not writing to me for so long a time.

Thank you, dear one, for telling me of your movements. I like to follow you in imagination. Of course you are best judge as to whether to accept or refuse Sir M.s invitation but I hope you will try not to give him offence he has always been so nice to us, that I should be sorry to vex him. If his wife is peculiar, he cannot help it. I wrote to him lately & urged him to make our house his headquarters if he comes to B.C. next Summer as he says he will. Mrs. Ward, from whom I heard yesterday, tells me that he had dined with Sir M. & that he sd he intended to bring his eldest daughter out here. You should ask her to stay with you while he is away shooting. I dont suppose she will come but it would be gracious in you to ask her, after you, Puss & Jack have been entertained so long by them. What think you? Of course I have not mentioned her to him. I very much fear the “Wind” will interfere with your enjoyment while the Wee man is with you. I am very pleased to learn that J.W.T. has been nice to you & Kit – he would always be so were it not for her.

I am impatient to know by what Str. you are coming. I am in hopes that you will settle to come at the same time with Mr. Drummond. he would, I feel confident, be a help to you. If Joe is in London, he would, I think, see you off from L.pool if you so wished. Now I long to be with you – though you think I manage badly. If you have not already see Mr. Hughes about the money for Frank. You may as well send him £20 but let it be as you wish. I cannot think about anything but your coming – everyone asks me when you will leave &c &c. I dined & slept at F. field last night all well.

Mis Bushby is engaged to parson Bolton of Esquimault – Charlotte Todd & Debeuil, brother in law to Dr. Ash, are dead.

The weather which has been so wonderfully fine, has changed – this day we have had incessant rain. you know how it can rain when it commences.

[written horizontally over top of letter]

I have had fires lighted in the rooms & will try to keep the house dry and well aired. There will be a good deal of repair to sinks, new stove or range paint, white wash &c required after your return. I hope you wont delay your departure after Jacks return to school.

This is a short letter but I had better go it may perhaps catch a boat. I will write to Kit next in reply to her letter recd yesterday.

I hope you will make a point of seeing Mrs. Ellis when you can. Jacks warts should be attended to. Dont forget the hand primer the strongest & best you can get.

My love to Joe & Julia, the Wind, the Ashleys Wards Hughes Sir M. &c &c.

A great deal to you three as Jack used to say – May God bless you.

Always your devoted husband

P. O’Reilly

It appears so strange you being all back at 40 Clarges Str. I have half a mind to address this letter there but I may be safer to C/O Bank B.C. It is after 11 O.C. P.M. this must be in the P.O before 12 O.C.

Good night dearest.


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This collection of letters has been digitized from an earlier transcription project and is for informational purposes only. This transcription has not been verified against the originals. Researchers interested in these letters should consult the original documents housed at the BC Archives.

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