Peter to Caroline, Victoria, September 27, 1888 No 16

27th Septr./88

My dearest Wife

Your letter No. 12 – of the 5th inst. was received today. Unfortunately I have been with the Provincial Govt since 11 OC. & have just returned to the Office – 5.30. I dine with the Robt Wards at 7 – so you will understand why my letter must be short. I have hardly had time to read yours, & should not be able to answer it today – had what you say to me not been anticipated by your letter to Mrs. Jackson which she recd a week since.

With regard to your remaining in England till after Xmas, to enable Jack to be with you during his vacation. I have not a word to say against it. I know it will be a good thing for him, and that it will afford you a great deal of pleasure. I am prepared to sacrifice a great deal to accomplish either, or both these objects, and therefore I shall look upon it that as settled, that you remain as you suggest.
It was of course a surprise to learn from Mrs. Jackson that you contemplated staying away after Oct. & I could not understand your not having written about it to me, that is explained by your letter this day recd and although I shall miss you greatly – it would be too selfish were I to stand in the way of your conferring so much pleasure on Jack.

I have been thinking whether I should not telegraph & thus settle your mind on the subject, so far as is in my power.

My last to you was posted on the 9th since then I have written to Kit & also to Frank which I enclosed to you.

The Wards, I believe, leave on Saturday Week 6th Oct, Alice does not accompany – Joe & Julia leave on Monday week. This is the latest – they both parties have some delays but will try to meet in N.Y. & will sail together.

I have been thinking a great deal of you & the dear wee man. tomorrow I suppose, he will return to his school. I hope he has had a good time, and one that you will all look back to with pleasure. — I would like to write to Sir M. but I cant at present – I am too busy.

I urged again & again that Kit should learn music, singing & other things to improve herself while the opportunity lasts. None of you have ever alluded to it. I long for news of Frank. My love to dear Kit. Kindest regards to all friends

And Believe me Always your devoted husband

P. O’Reilly


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This collection of letters has been digitized from an earlier transcription project and is for informational purposes only. This transcription has not been verified against the originals. Researchers interested in these letters should consult the original documents housed at the BC Archives.

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