Peter to Kathleen, Victoria BC, June 16, 1897

No. 11

Location: Victoria
Date: 16 June 1897

My dearest Kit

You have I fear been badly treated again in the matter of letters, but as you say a line is better than none. I won’t allow another day to pass without sending you one.

Your last letter was dated 21st May from Egerton Gardens, it brought the glad news that our dear one so well, that she was having a happy time.

I am glad you enjoyed your visit to Wales & that the Pains were all so kind to you. How is it that never mention Mrs. Ruck, have you been to see her- I hope you will say all kind things to her for us. I feel that we owe her much for her great kindness to you & Jack.

We are so glad to know that Sit Mc. & May are so nice to you, nothing more than I expected of him. If you get a chance you might say that I have not heard from him for a long time. We are greatly pleased to think that you are sure to be cared for at the Jubilee Ceremony we shall expect a full account from you. – I saw some of the illustrated papers – we get as you know Punch & the I.L news. (*1)  Your Uncle is very kind of him to take a seat for you, but we suppose you will go with the Hares. I do hope that the Admiral is keeping well.

The Mater is quite well, I am happy to say, except that she is worrying about not having a letter to you, she is always awful busy with the dress making or other altering her dresses you know how I dread it.

I have just called out to know what messages she had to send you, & as usual she replied, Oh. I am writing myself – strange as it not? She will not doubt tell you about her dress etc. etc. which came by your uncle John.

Frank is I believe well, we have not hear from him for a week – I hope his partnership will prove successful. Jack is OK, he is playing polo this afternoon with Mr. Dunsmuir and others. (*2)

The Dunsmuirs & Nelly Ward dine with us this evening, the D’s leave tomorrow for Chilcotin. The Olivers have moved into their new house which I am told to say. Mr. W & Mr. Gillespie are in the Kooteny Country – I don’t think W.C.W. knows exactly when he will get away.

The Flagship is back from Comox the Admiral called yesterday – we were out. I met today in the town – he saw Mrs. Palliser had been,

And could not leave England before the 24th inst.- The “Pheasant” got into Esquimalt this afternoon- we have therefore not seen the little Capt. as yet. The Admiral said he expected the “Cruphyam” before many days, it is intend to keep the Jubilee here in a very marked manner.

Your Uncle John goes to town everyday, the Case in which is he is interested, will I believe come off about the 17th inst.

I am afraid my Kit is having to a hard time about the commissions, but don’t worry if you can’t find them all. We have not yet seen the Photo, I have so often asked for. Don’t forget my cards “Mr. O’Reilly” only – Do take a few singing lessons, get some new music – the latest songs. Have you explained to Mr. White how it was you did not meet him. The Mater will perhaps have repeated. Most I have said.

Give love to your Uncle, Josephine, etc., etc., the Jacksons, Sir M & C etc. When does he take command

Our love to you My dearest Kit

Always your affect father

P. O’Reilly


(*1) – They are maintaining ties to England with the subscriptions to English magazines.
(*2) – Reference to playing Polo at the Dunsmuirs.


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This collection of letters has been digitized from an earlier transcription project and is for informational purposes only. This transcription has not been verified against the originals. Researchers interested in these letters should consult the original documents housed at the BC Archives.

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