Peter to Kathleen, Victoria BC, November 11, 1896

No. 2

Location: Victoria
Date: 11 November 1896

My dearest Kit

Your mother has also acknowledged the receipt of you very welcome letter written the evening of your arrival in London, it was a great relief to us to learn of your safe arrival, & to know that your Uncle has been able to meet you. We are also very glad to know that you had so pleasant a voyage & that your traveling companions had all been so nice & kind to you. We shall be anxious until we received your next letter to tell us what your next move will be. For John told me that he had arranged to go to Devon about the 30th Oct. for a week or ten days shooting. What a lot you will have to write about & what a treat there is in store for us, but you, must not give life too much of your time in writing to us, a short note to say that.
Your are well & enjoying yourself until it is quite convenient to give us details.

The Dunsmuirs are disappointed that did not receive a letter except from Queenstown, were glad to learn from your mother that your all arrived in safety neither had Mrs. Drake heard from Miss Murry. they are not in the running with our dear Kit.

You will be glad to learn that we are all quite well. – Last week your mother caught cold & suffered some what from neuralgia. – She had recourse to her tonic pills & the pain had left her. Today she was on the tram in town, looking very trim & fit, in the partnership Cafe. We hope you have got before this a nice outfit. Your Mater has seen some fashion plates in the Illustrated London News which she thinks will become you. You must have your photo taken before long, not an expensive one until we see how we like it.

You will be surprised to hear that your mother has invited Carry & Maude Cornwallto pay us a visit & that they are to arrive on Sunday night direct from Ashcroft. There are two or three dances talked of, & they will be in time for the Pooley Stanley wedding which is to take place on the 25th inst. the Honorable Victor is expected to arrive tomorrow, Thursday. The happy pair are to spend the honeymoon at the Frenchs, Saanich, but will go to England before Xmas.

I saw Annie yesterday, asked where you would be – said she must see you when in London.

We the Mater & myself are in the dining room, she is working while I am scribbling to my dear one.

Jack has gone with the Drakes to a dance at Mrs. James Dunsmuir’s it is a pouring wet night.

We had a letter today from Frank. – He writes in good spirits & tells us he is very busy. – I am afraid he is having a rough time of it in the mountains as the Sooke hills are cover with snow, a sure sign of storm on the mainland.

Fanny the maid you got to replace the Prig (*1) is, I think a success she is most anxious to take care of your mother & makes her room very comfortable – I mean the north room. – The Mater has occupied it since your departure, – she says that she now understands why you were so fond of remaining in bed in the mornings. The Prig is domiciled with Mrs. Eberts.

I wrote to your Uncle two days since & the Mater wrote to you about the same time. The weather has changed we are in for a downpour of rain, if I mistake not.

Give our love to your Uncles and to all the circle – and with a great deal for yourself. Believe me always

Your fond father

P. O’Reilly


My dear love to you, my sweet one, I must not write much in this your father has told you how we are getting on. Jack says he wrote to you yesterday. – I will in a day or two. Give my love to all the dear ones are at home – I wonder

if you have yet been to Folkestone, & still there – I can follow, you at 5 with tea at No. 14 – I wish I could peep in.

yr fond Mother

C. O’R

— (*1) Reference to maid “Prig”

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This collection of letters has been digitized from an earlier transcription project and is for informational purposes only. This transcription has not been verified against the originals. Researchers interested in these letters should consult the original documents housed at the BC Archives.

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