September 30-October 1, 1886

Sept. Thursday 30 1886

Left Thompsons Sound at 6. AM.
Knights Inlet at 2-30. Went up
the river to Village, a large one, took
a canoe & examined land up river
had long. “Wa Wa” with Indian
[Ne.g–y] Chief. Oolacham Fishery
Poor soil overflowed large Village.
Decided Plazed tree on opposite
side of river – Returned to St at 6.30
brought Indians & canoe on board

October Friday 1

Green left in Canoe at 6. AM to
sketch reserve. Left Knights Inlet
at 11-30. Landed at Wah shi las
Bay, decided not to make a reserve
all under water. Towed a number of
canoes to Keogh where I laid of [two]
a reserve & burial ground Glendale Cove anchored
& went up the river – to late to decide
upon the reserve. Green returned in
a canoe.

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Peter O’Reilly’s 1886 diary has been transcribed by volunteers and staff at Point Ellice House Museum & Gardens and is for informational purposes only. Researchers interested in this diary are advised to consult the original document housed at the Royal British Columbia Museum & Archives, found in MS-2894, the O’Reilly family fonds.

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